Meet Dave

High on Life & Love to Tour!

Ever since I moved to Israel, I can't seem to get enough of seeing our wonderful country!

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I now live in Givat Ze’ev, a small town just outside Jerusalem. Married with 4 adult kids (and 2 dogs…).

I received my Tour Guide License in 1995, and have been planning, developing, arranging and leading tours throughout Israel ever since.

Watching how this dynamic and beautiful country has grown, and being able to show and experience this growth with visitors from all over the world, has been a fantastic adventure for me.

The Bible, ancient and modern history, agriculture, ecology, art and culture, good food, wine culture and more all come alive for me and my tourists as we tour together.

I am an avid storyteller with a good sense of humor. Lots of patience for young and old alike!

BSC in Bus Admin. Licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism (1995). Certified in Bible Studies, Geopolitics and Wine Tourism.

Ready to experience Israel?

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