• Although we are locals, we took a trip to the Golan Heights with David last week. You might think that Israel being a small country, that your sightseeing choices would be quite limited. In fact the true cost benefit of taking a private guide is that he can help you prioritize your personal interests and energy to tour, to your exact preferences, time, and cost budgets. David is that kind of guide. He is friendly, knowledgeable about the area, and can put together a plan for the very best use of your time. There is so much to see and you really want to have a pleasurable, comfortable and personal travelling experience. David covers all the bases, cultural, history, geography, religion, and great sightseeing. He really delivered the goods. As we were going on our trip he gave us several choices as to eating and sites available. He provides a comfortable new VW van. He always made sure that the sites were open and waiting happily to receive us. He was very happy to receive last minute requests from us to enhance our trip. In fact, the day after our trip with him, in a local national newspaper's travel section, they recommended a Golan trip and David's plan matched their suggestions on 3/4 sites (places that we as locals were not familiar with). We have toured many places around the world and he is definitely a great find. We would strongly recommend David to our own friends and family to tour with.
    David L
  • Very Human, Genuinely Warm, Excellent Storyteller If you're with David, you're in good hands. I can't even count the number of times we'd run into locals who would tell me that. He took great care to ensure I had a wonderful, informative time, and I am thoroughly impressed with how he was able to handle my onslaught of random questions. He'll also go beyond his job description when needed. I fell ill at one point in my trip, and he went out of his way to get me to the nearest pharmacy and to ensure I received the right medication. David's genuine care and support was a highlight of my stay in Israel. His good nature affects others too—even strangers. By the shores in Tel Aviv, these two wonderful women invited us onto the balcony of an art gallery and fed us vegetable soup after just a couple moments of making small talk with him. That's a memory I'll never forget. End point: I would definitely recommend David's Dynamic Tours of Israel—and even if you don't end up touring with him, I'd still recommend at least grabbing a cup of coffee with the guy if you're ever near Jerusalem.
  •   Touring with David Schoenfeld was a peak experience. He has a gift for placing the current in the context of Israel's rich past, melding what you're looking at with how it was and what it means. We travel all over the world, this was our first guide experience, and now we're hooked. We particularly enjoyed his reverence for history, politics, nature, faith, culture, architecture and legends.  David is a personable guy...patient, energetic, take charge, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone....just enough to make the trip one of the most memorable ever.  It was so well worth the investment.
    Marty Weintraub
    CEO, aimClear®
  • Our family would like to say a sincere "thank you" for your excellent work you did for us during the 20 days we spent with you in Israel. You took good care of us making our "Grand Tour" of Israel so memorable. It was an excellent itinerary, always thinking about our kids and ourselves, caring for our needs in a very special way. You are an amazing tour guide; very professional, patient, honest and you also did a great job as a physiologist… helping with the anxieties of Me (Mom). Your love for Israel is very evident and for that we admire you. Thank you for sharing all of these things with us, as well as your good sense of humor). Each one of is had different expectations and we all came back extremely happy. This trip will be in our minds and in our hearts forever.
    Ruben, Monica Frid
  • Insightful and perfectly customized experience! Definitely the way to see Israel! David was referred by a friend and came highly recommended. His upfront communication with us was very good so my husband and I felt confident on our travel plans.We spent 4 days with David touring the Galilee and Golan Heights. His van was clean and comfortable, his commentary was very knowledgeable and interactive (I asked a lot of questions once I knew his knowledge base was so strong). He made adjustments to the itinerary smoothly and added in extra stops once he got to know us and our interests...wineries, chocolates, fab dining, Valley of Tears. This was the first time that we have spent so much time with a personal guide and it was a wonderful experience. Definitely the way to gain a greater understanding of this beautiful, layered, complex country. Thank you David!
    PJ Sparks

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