Tour with a Licensed Private Tour Guide

Tour with a Licensed Private Tour Guide
25 בOctober 2017
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28 בNovember 2017

When In Israel, Tour With A Licensed Private Tour Guide

Recently I’ve noticed a new phenomenon- many tourists choose to visit Israel without engaging the services of a tour guide. They seem to think that exploring the country on their own is a better way to go- after all, most people have probably heard of some of the better-known sites in Israel like the Kotel or Massada, and may think that’s all there is to see and do here and that they can just “do it on their own”. Some tourists may have studied here in past years, and feel that they know how to get around on their own and don’t need any help; and with recent advancements in technology and the plethora of touring apps available, many people figure that they can just get by using their mobile, iPad, and computer.

However, eventually they run into problems that can’t be solved with just a click on an app, or by sending an email. And when they do, they end up posting all kinds of travel questions on forums of all types- often using the very same apps that were supposed to just make everything easier. As I am a member of some of these forums and can see the questions posted, I find myself asking: Wouldn’t these same tourists be better off hiring a Licensed Private Tour Guide?

The answer is of course-Yes!

An experienced Licensed Private Tour Guide is like a 1-Stop Shop- they are able to encapsulate your entire tour for you. A Licensed Private Tour Guide will be able to understand the wishes and needs of the tourist and can put together an itinerary that will meet these needs, within the time frame that the visitor has available for touring. We know and understand the traffic situations here- which have probably changed since the last time you were here on a youth program or Yeshiva!- as well as the opening and closing times of the various sites. A Licensed Private Tour Guide will know how much time you need to visit each site, and what sites are recommended for your personal interests or circumstances. A good Licensed Private Tour Guide knows all the special, lesser well-known sites that you might miss out on if you’re on your own, and- of course- will be able to give you the history and significance of the places you are visiting in an engaging, personal and fun way.

Tell us all about yourselves, who is traveling (adults, kids), planned travel dates, what places you wish to visit, what special activities you may wish to take part in, and anything else you think we need to know- the more info you give us before your tour, the better we can plan for you. Your vacation and tour time in Israel is limited, and time is money!

So the next time you are planning a trip to Israel, whether you have been here before or are coming for your first time- plan your trip with a Licensed Private Tour Guide. You’ll be glad you did.

Ready to plan your tour to Israel?

Please contact me: Dave of Dave’s Dynamic Tours of Israel

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